Introducing The Optional Agent

One of our most anticipated and requested features is here! The optional Agent is available in PDQ Inventory 16 with functionality in PDQ Deploy 17. You now have the flexibility and options that best suit your environment; Agent or Agentless. The Agent is an optional service installed on computers in the PDQ Inventory database. It is used to perform tasks that would typically require a direct connection and use of the normal PDQ Inventory service. It is important to remember that with this first iteration of the Agent, the best practice is to install the Agent only to machines that need it i.e., those that are truly going to be external. This will prevent potential performance limitations. Please test the Agent on a limited scale in your environment first, then deploy the Agent as needed.

(The Agent requires Enterprise mode running Central Server.)

Agent Features

  • Connect to computers outside your network using a connection to servers.
  • Monitor the target computers for events rather than poll for them and reports accordingly:
    • User session logged on/logged off
    • Computer boot
    • Computer Shutdown
  • Deploy unedited packages from the package library to machines with the PDQ Inventory Agent installed. Even machines outside of your network!
  • Scan computers outside the network when they are connected.
  • Upgrading the PDQ Inventory console upgrades the Agent computers as well.
  • The Agent can be viewed per computer in its very own collections in the Collection Library. To access, on the Main Console, expand the Collection Library > Applications > Utilities</strong > PDQ > PDQ Agent.

This is only the beginning. The Agent will get better and better with each new version.

For more information check out our PDQ Inventory 16 blog post or our PDQ Deploy 17 blog post. You should also read through our Agent FAQ page.