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IE11 End Of Life

Jordan HammondJordan Hammond

All software has a finite life cycle; computers, in general, are shifting and improving way too often for all software to remain relevant. Sometimes it means some great software is losing support, and sometimes it means Internet Explorer 11 is on the block.

My personal snark about it aside, IE11 is widely used, and it falling out of support could have a massive impact on your environment. The first important thing to note is falling out of support does not necessarily mean it is going away. In fact, it is considered a component of Windows 10, so it won’t be going anywhere for some time. Out of support does mean that new software will no longer be optimized for IE11, so while it may seem fine initially, you are likely to see exponential growth of issues as time goes on.

Is Internet Explorer Going Away?

Legacy Edge(EdgeHTML) is also going to fall out of support, and that one is not considered a component. That one falling out of support means it won’t even be getting security updates, so moving off of that is a little more urgent.

Important Dates

Is IE 11 dead yet? Now that EOL has been announced, let’s take a look at some of the critical dates; there are three that matter. 

November 30, 2020 - This is the day that the Microsoft Teams stop supporting IE11

March 9, 2021 - This is the Microsoft Edge legacy End of Life; this is when Microsoft will stop releasing security updates. This seems like an excellent point to make sure your end-users are using something else

August 17, 2021 - Office 365 stops supporting IE11

Next Steps

One year's notice seems reasonable to me. You should probably use that year to decide on our replacement and make sure it works well with all of our web-based software. Microsoft shockingly recommends you use their latest browser, but this seems like an excellent chance to test all browsers and find your best solution.

Are you here much closer to the EoL than when this is published? and need a quick solution to blast out a browser to all users? Well, boy, are you in the right spot; you should look into PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. We went ahead and built those installers for you, and have made it INCREDIBLY easy to push that to your environment.


Software is always changing, your web browser is no different. Use the year you have to make the change as painless as possible. In a perfect world, the end of all software cycles would be this low stress.

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