Intel recently fixed a vulnerability with the Intel Processor Identification Utility (advisory here). You may not think this software is on your network, but are you certain? With PDQ Inventory you can be absolutely certain! Find all installs of Intel Processor Identification Utility with PDQ Inventory We’re going to scan for all applications installed on […]

Summer is winding down and school is back in session for many people across the country. So, if you were busy fitting in a last-minute vacation, taking kids school shopping, or gearing back up for the next quarter and missed out on the webcast last week, no need to fret. We’ve got you covered so […]

Last week on PDQ Live! we went through some of the inner workings of PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. If you missed it that’s ok, get ready to lift the hood and let’s get this webcast recap started.  How do PDQ Inventory heartbeats work? How is the online/offline status determined? (1:10) How to connect to […]

Episode 1 left off using a simple SQL query SELECTing four columns FROM the Computers table in PDQ Inventory: SELECT ComputerId, Name, OSName, IsOnline FROM Computers When writing SQL queries there will be times, for any reason, you’d rather call a column by a different name. You can easily rename a column (or table, introduced […]

We partied hard last week discussing DNS (Domain Name System). Lex and Brigg taught you all the things you need to know about DNS and probably some things you didn’t. In fact, most of this blog content was pulled from the outline Brigg used to navigate through last week’s webcast. And since we’re all about […]

  Writing SQLite reports using SELECT FROM Writing SQLite reports properly requires a specific format and order of operations in which the clauses/commands are used.  All SQL reports, in standard order, start with the ‘SELECT’ clause and get more in-depth from there. The SELECT clause is used to select/choose data from a table and/or database. […]

If you’re still manually drafting reports you’ll want to review our webcast from last week. Why not streamline those tedious tasks and schedule the reports you have to do on a regular basis using Auto Reports in PDQ Inventory. Our goal at is to take work off your plate so you have time for […]

  SysAdmin Day. If you’re a systems administrator you know what it is. If you’re not, you’ve heard tell of it around the office and keep wondering why it’s such a big deal if we don’t get to take a paid vacation day.  So what is SysAdmin Day?  A day to express appreciation and recognition […]

PDQ Live If you missed out on our webcast last week, never fear, our webcast recap is here. Last week was our PDQ & A…your opportunity to ask questions, and we answer them. Watch the webcast here or keep reading if that’s more your thing. I am new to PDQ and love it so far. […]